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Switzerland is the international leader when it comes to innovation and exports in the pharmaceutical industry. With the aim of guaranteeing pharmaceutical companies even faster technical service on site, a subsidiary of Fette Compacting opened in Basel on May 1, 2015.

The Swiss pharmaceutical industry holds a strong international position. It ranks top in the Global Innovation Index published by Cornell University in cooperation with the INSEAD Institute and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Its particular strengths lie in its variety of patents and scientific publications as well as the high income generated by license fees from abroad.

In order to maintain this position, pharmaceutical producers are obliged to work closely with machine manufacturers. Having said that, technical service is often complicated in Switzerland on account of the particular entry requirements for non-Swiss citizens. "It has become increasingly more difficult for our technicians to enter the country to offer swift support to our Swiss customers", explains Lars Plüschau, Director Global Customer Support at Fette Compacting. "Limitations concerning permissible periods of presence and the various specifications of the individual cantons no longer complied with our claim to offer customers fast support all over the world and at all production sites."

Extensive 24/7 service

Fette Compacting opened a subsidiary in Basel on May 1, 2015 which will provide support all year round. Customers in Switzerland and Southern Germany can now count on even faster and more efficient support concerning all tableting issues. Services range from commissioning and calibration through inspections and repairs. Central contact for Switzerland:

Henrik Westphal
Service Technician
Fette Compacting GmbH
Swiss subsidiary
4053 Basel

Tel. (switchboard): +49 (0) 4151 12 0

"The new service company enables us to fulfill a request which has long been voiced by our customers", claims Plüschau. "This is something we attach great importance to, especially as projects with Swiss pharmaceutical companies have increased in recent years. The increase in demand even goes as far as to include highly-complex plants with Wash-in-Place equipment and high containment."

Switzerland is an international innovative leader (source: Global Innovation Index 2014, Cornell University/INSEAD/WIPO).

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