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Service Engineers

Services Provided by Fette Compacting America to the Northern American Market

Service Engineers

Arguably the strongest facet of our company, Fette Compacting America's service group is comprised of fourteen (14) full-time service engineers. Long-term stability within the group is unmatched, and each technician possesses a strong mix of mechanical, electrical, and computer-based and process-driven expertise. They have not only a powerful grasp of tablet press technology but also (and of at least equal importance) what it takes to make a good tablet from a wide variety of different granulations, blends, etc. Our engineers are distributed geographically as follows:

  • 11 based from our Rockaway, New Jersey, headquarters
  • 2 based permanently on the island of Puerto Rico
  • 1 based permanently in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area



CALL: 877-606-5015 

We are also unique amongst press vendors in that we offer 24-hour emergency technical support, via telephone, seven days a week. This "life support" makes use of an actual service engineer (not just an answering service), who is on call and who will generally respond to such after-hour requests within thirty (30) minutes of receiving an inquiry. This service is offered to all of our clients, whether they own 20 of our machines, only one, or any number in between.