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How do you achieve high performance…
… when you need high production counts even with demanding products? The rule used to be that the higher the required yield, and the more difficult the material that had to be pressed, the bigger the machine had to be if it was to do the job with the necessary quality. The FE75 sets new standards in this field. With a maximum output of more than 1.6 million tablets an hour, and a footprint of only 2 m2, it offers an optimum ratio of production rate to space requirement. Four pairs of pressure rollers, in combination with FS19 punches, allow compression dwell times up to 166 percent longer when direct pressing. A novel, patent-pending method for turret exchange, and the Fette Compacting TRI.EASY design, provide uniquely easy operation. Discover the next generation of tableting technology.
When top-quality and high-performance are needed, the new FE75 is the best choice. With up to 115 punch stations, and a maximum output of more than 1.6 million tablets, it sets new standards for productivity in tableting:

  • Innovative filling system for easy, reliable feeding even of difficult product formulations
  • Up to 166 % longer at dwell time pressure when direct pressing in combination with FS19 punches
  • The only double rotary tablet press of its size and class for the production of single- and bi-layer tablets, as well as the capacity for direct pressing
  • Pneumatically regulated product scraper
  • Hassle-free internal tablet discharge
  • Patent-pending method for easy, fast turret exchange
  • Separate lubrication systems for punch head and shaft and a closed cam system reduce cleaning work
  • Optimized aspiration system
  • Vibration damping through pneumatic suspension in the machine feet

FE75 – Innovations for your productivity

Machine design

  • Housing of FDA-certified, high-perfomance polymer
  • Geometrically optimized surfaces for the easiest possible handling and fastest cleaning
  • All product contact parts are made of stainless steel
  • AIO Interface of both sides on the machine
  • Windows flaps can be opened without disconnecting process equipment
  • Dust-proof and hermetically-sealed electrical cabinet

New compression station

  • New smooth-running compression rollers for ultra-simple handling
  • Four identical compression rollers
  • Single-, direct compression and bi-layer-tableting
  • Direct compression with intermediate pressure of the compression stations
  • Compression with identical compression rollers and filling devices
  • Patented system allows for batch sampling in four seconds during production
  • Compression rollers can be moved quickly to a parking position for easy turret exchange
  • Extremely easy load cell exchange at product changeovers

New turret

  • Innovative patent-pending turret changeover
  • With up to 115 punch stations in a footprint under 2 m2
  • Turret options for all applications
  • Easy turret exchange with cams and segments installed
  • Turret featuring coding ring for avoiding assembly errors
  • Fast format changeover thanks to segments
  • Coded tablet scraper
  • One central, multi-functional connector for oil, air, and electricity
  • Patented pneumatical product scraper
  • Separate lubrication systems for punch head and shaft and a closed cam system reduce cleaning work

New Torque-drive

  • High-performance torque direct drive
  • Maintenance-free and energy-efficient
  • External and integrated electrical cabinet for maximum flexibility
  • Power and control sections are separate
  • Electrical cabinet with innovative cooling concept
  • All process equipment and machine connections on a single panel

New innovative tablet discharge

  • Easy operation
  • Significantly less floorspace thanks novel tablet discharge through the column
  • 360 degree accessibility
  • Compact unit for easy and fast cleaning
  • Dust-proof
  • Innovative and safe tablet sorting and sampling for maximum product security
  • Compact unit without cables or hoses
  • All parts with product contact are made of stainless steel

TRI.EASY Design – Ease of operation as the key to efficiency

The Fette Compacting TRI.EASY design permits uniquely easy and reliable operation. The idea behind it: efficiency is only possible when the technology is equally easy in the three dimensions of operating, refitting and servicing.
The TRI.EASY design is oriented precisely around the needs of the user, offering comprehensive help to make every task more straightforward. A short learning curve and significantly more secure handling on the part of the operating personnel, ensure maximum product quality even with the most demanding tasks.

  • Plug-and-Play design
  • Dismantling and assembly without tools
  • Machine controller detects the turret configuration
  • No external handling system required for turret exchanging


  • Very easy handling since adjustments are no longer necessary
  • Fast, easy exchange and cleaning
  • Parameters are configured automatically


  • Identical compression rollers for all stations
  • Load cells can be changed without removing the gear box
  • High-resolution load cell can be easily installed for special applications

Product flow

  • New filling devices for maximum productivity
  • Easy to clean thanks to minimal number of components
  • No tools required for assembly or dismantling
  • Optional use of three-chambered Fill-O-Matic
  • Height adjustment via a central slide ensuring absolute repeatability
  • Height-adjustable in steps of 30 μm


  • Tablet sample of the first layer can be taken in less than 4 seconds during production


  • Extremely minimized product loss


  • 360 degree accessibility
  • Extremely easy adjustment of the FOM table in 30 μm steps
  • Smooth-running compression rollers, also ideal for low compression forces
  • Pneumatically-adjustable compression rollers for first-layer sampling
  • Significantly lower product loss when sampling of first-layer
  • 250 mm diameter pressure rollers for maximum compression dwell time
  • Control components are separate from power components
  • Fewer plug-in connections mean easier assembly
  • Dust-proof and hermetically sealed electrical cabinet
  • Coded turret allows controller to detect configuration

Fette Compacting HMI – Easy and safe operation guaranteed

The totally redeveloped HMI (Human Machine Interface) of the FE Series lets you keep an eye on all the parameters of the tablet press. The easy, intuitive operation guarantees you maximum efficiency and reliability.

  • 19" touch-screen for the best possible overview
  • Easy operation through full keyboard
  • Dust-protected USB connection
  • No mechanical disc drives
  • Win7® embedded operating system
  • Visual operating software from Fette Compacting
  • SQL Server database
  • Fast access to the most important functions through 12 pictogram buttons
  • All surfaces can be cleaned easily
  • No ventilation slots or openings
  • Ergonomic operator height


  • Clear process graphics showing all necessary parameters
  • Backwards compatible hot-keys for machine operation
  • Individually configurable parameter lists
  • 12 fast-access pictogram buttons
  • Terminal made of FDA-certified high-performance polymer
  • HMI and software identical for the entire FE Series


  • Easy, intuitive operation through self-explanatory pictograms
  • Direct access to Fette Compacting presses
  • Fast, easy machine operation
  • Direct access to the main functions
  • Smooth, easily cleaned surfaces
  • Intuitive operation of the FE Series for the user

Access to the main turret functions

  • Missing punches and punches that need to be rejected can easily be selected with a touch
  • Ready-grouped parameters for easy operation
  • Hot-keys for quick adjustment of the most important parameters
  • Drag and drop parameter lists for an individualized view
  • Search function within the parameter list
  • Different input dialogs for particular parameters
  • A comment line can be used for each individual parameter
  • Critical parameters can only be changed in conjunction with another operator (as a second set of eyes)