Fette Compacting America

Training Program

Level Based Certification Training

We have developed a new, progressive training model, with tiered levels of assessment and certification. Participants must successfully complete the assessment, both written and practical, before they can move on to the next level. This type of level based certification was created to ensure that customers are adequately trained in operating and maintaining Fette equipment.

To this end, Fette requires that all participants achieve a 100% score on both the written and practical assessments, to be administered at each level. To help meet the needs of individuals on all learning levels, we will allow the use of hand written notes and other training materials to be used during the written and hands on portions of the certification assessments. Achieving the full certification would require successfully completing all five levels, which would approximately take three weeks. However, it is not a mandatory requirement that the levels be completed in direct succession. For learning purposes and to ensure that each participant receives individual attention, Fette will limit the total number of participants per class to six (6) attendees per class.

The total System Controller (TSC) has been configured with security levels reflective of the corresponding levels of certification. As the requirements of each level are successfully met, the appropriate security access will be granted.


To find out more information please call 973-586-8722 and ask for Bill Garneau.