• Tablet presses

    Tablet presses

    The integrated solutions offered by Fette Compacting for tablet production are leading products around the world. Customers not only include companies representing the pharmaceutical industry. Tablet presses supplied by Fette Compacting are often the first choice in the food and chemicals sectors, too.

  • Capsule filling machines

    Capsule filling machines

    "Expect More!" Since 2016, Fette Compacting has been cementing its reputation as a technology pioneer also in the field of capsule filling machines. Since then, revolutionary production progress has inspired manufacturers of hard gelatine capsules.

  • Containment & Wip

    Containment & Wip

    When highly-active pharmaceutical substances are pressed, the correspondingly equipped high-performance machines ensure maximum safety.

  • Galenics


    Ideal solutions for laboratory operation and galenic developments. The up-scaling option provides for investment reliability and flexibility during use.

  • Process equipment

    Process equipment

    Process equipment makes sure that production is in line with the rulebook, and that operators are freed up. Far-reaching automation of the process minimizes manual intervention, and provides excellent tablet quality.

  • Tableting tools

    Tableting tools

    These are the key players in the tablet press. Tableting tools supplied by Fette Compacting contribute toward safe production and are distinguished by particularly long service lifes and outstanding tablet quality.


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